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A place which is as unique as your love for each other, as unforgettable as your first encounter, and as varied as your plans for your future together. In the unique surroundings of our wonderfully beautiful estate, we offer you warm hospitality and Celebrity Chef Reuben Riffel [We've masterminded a happy union between Allée Bleue and Reuben Riffel. All weddings & events at the Estate will now have Reuben's unique stamp! Read the Press Release here] and a comprehensive range of services for your dream Franschhoek wedding. You really can keep all your options open.

Our services:
  • A variety of setups for the ceremony - outside in the garden or indoors Cape style with panoramic views
  • A sit-down or cocktail function in the large courtyard of the estate's main historic building
  • An alfresco luncheon or picnic under the trees in the picnic area
  • Personalized in-house wedding co-ordination to assist you along your way
  • Top notch in-house caterers
  • A high standard of service excellence
  • With no cut-off time or music regulations, your guests can dance the night away
Our Packages:Wedding Package 2013 till 2014  (CLICK TO OPEN AND DOWNLOAD)

Le Grand Hall

Taking country hospitality to a new level!  Le Grand Hall offers an unforgettable experience to you and your guests at your Franschhoek wedding. Le Grand Hall provides a sophisticated, technologically advanced venue with a wonderful indoor-outdoor flow for entertaining your guests against the majestic backdrop of the Drakenstein mountain range.This venue has a true vibrancy, exactly what you’d expect from a winelands wedding venue for up to 400 guests. Meters of fresh green lawns and seductive fragrances of the gardens surrounding the venue are just the beginning of this journey in discovering this striking venue.  Large doors bring natural light and life to the room during the day and bring a sense of openness to the room during the evening.

The synergy between the experienced event staff and this stunning venue is easily felt the moment you start planning your function. Every step is taken to make the planning for you as effortless as possible.  From menu’s compiled by experienced chefs, to the finest detail.

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