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Travelling back some hundreds of years ago, French Hugenot’s discovered that the terroir of the Franschhoek wine valley is the ideal platform to grow high quality grapes, to ultimately produce wine.  This region however, underwent a set back where the Phylloxera (A tiny aphidlike insect that attacks the roots of grapevines) blight took to the vines in the 19th Century.

The Dauphin family took over the reins in the year 1999, introducing a new passion to the soil which is now the home to the vineyards which produce some of the world’s most outstanding wines.

When the estate underwent its facelift, Friederich-Willemhelm and Elke Dauphin were supported by Gundel and Emil Sogor.  These two German artists combined their tallents with the Dauphin's and stepped up to the plate, and their impeccable taste of all things splended found its place on the estate.  The atmosphere will leave you feeling euphoric and longing to return before you’ve even left.

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The Owners

Dynamic entrepreneur duo Friedrich-Wilhelm and Elke Dauphin has made their mark in the international corporate market with their sophisticated office furniture and has been enthusiastic about South Africa for many decades.

By taking on a farm that was untouched by atmosphere for years, the Dauphine’s gave the farms back its potential by introducing winegrowing back to the terroir, complimenting the herbs and fruits which are in popular demand on the local market and across the globe.

This husband and wife team has since become passionate pioneers for wine and everything that comes with it and planning to make Allee Bleue the ultimate everything in the South Africa.

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The Dauphin family has set the benchmark to be one of the most ideal locations in the Cape Winelands.  This estate has undergone a transformation that is the perfect example of a true South African farming atmosphere and elegant yet modern lifestyle.

The combination between art and nature holds the key to open any visitor’s eyes, to a world beyond they’re imagination.  Allee Bleue has a commitment to offer any visitor to this breathtaking part of the Franschhoek valley, an experience which will not be easily forgotten, but rather leaving a footprint of quality and in one’s memories.

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A unique place in an absolutely heavenly setting...Allée Bleue, is known to be one of the oldest yet most characteristic wine farms in the Cape.  This wine estate has an eventful past, yet it has the ‘it’ factor to be one of the undiscovered jewels of the Cape Winelands.

This estate boasts of picturesque scenery ranging from the majestic Drakenstein mountain range lying close by and is surrounded by lavender and age old meadows.  When visiting the the farm, you will immediately experience an unmistakable French vibrancy, seeing that it is after all close to Franschhoek, which is South Africa’s own taste of France. 

Allow yourself to experience the unforgettable charm of old and new world, connecting with the rich history that is Allee Beue.

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